Microfiber Cleaning Advantages and Uses

What is Microfiber?

Microfiber is a synthetic fiber found in mainstream markets starting as early as the 1990s, however, the creation of this ultra-fine fabric started in the late 1950s. Microfiber comes in many forms, but for the purposes of commercial cleaning or household cleaning, you want to look for a cleaning cloth that is a split microfiber. A split fiber of 16 segments is highly effective at capturing and holding dirt. With a renewed focus on eco-friendly office cleaning practices, microfiber cloths are a great addition to any green cleaning solution.

Advantages to Microfiber

Microfiber is lint-free, non-abrasive and hypoallergenic. Microfiber is durable and reusable; making it a great green cleaning product. The three main advantages to using microfiber over cloth include:

  • Reduction of Cross Contamination – Microfiber products are color-coded, so that the mops and cloths used in the restrooms are not mistakenly used in the common areas of your facility. Proper use of microfiber products significantly reduces cross contamination.
  • Reduction of Chemical Usage – The use of microfiber for wet mopping can reduce chemical usage associated with mopping by up to 90%.
  • Reduction of Water Usage – The microfiber system supports a substantial reduction in water usage due to its ability to clean effectively with little to no water.

5 Great Ways to Use Microfiber

Microfiber can be used without detergents or cleaning solutions, therefore reducing the number of chemicals used to clean. This reduction in chemical use results in eco-friendly office cleaning for you and your staff. Here are a few ways in which Microfiber can help keep your office cleaner:

  1. Polishing – Used as a dry cloth, Microfiber is great to polish chrome used in faucets, handles, stairways, and more.
  2. Clean Windows – Reduce the number of chemicals and water needed to obtain streak-free windows.
  3. Mopping – No re-dipping a string mop into dirty water. Microfiber mop heads clean and can be laundered for use over and over again.
  4. Electronics – Commonly touched and shared electronics in an office environment can leave residual dirt behind. Dusting items such as computer mice, keyboards and screens, phones, copiers, and printers at least once a week can help.
  5. Remove Stains – With a little water added to a Microfiber cloth remove stains from upholstery or carpets.

Green Cleaning:

Over the past decade, the Vanguard® brand has stood at the forefront of green office cleaning services. Microfiber cloths and mops represent examples of environmentally-friendly cleaning, which can be employed to significantly reduce the environmental impact of cleaning, while also improving the overall health of the office facility.

Independently owned Vanguard Cleaning Systems® franchised janitorial businesses have access to information about the use of environmentally-friendly products and methods that clean more efficiently. Contact a locally-owned Vanguard Cleaning Systems® Area Franchise office for more information.

About the Vanguard Cleaning Systems® Brand
Founded in 1984, the Vanguard Cleaning Systems® organization is built upon over 2,500 independently owned and operated franchised commercial cleaning businesses, which are licensed and supported by an Area Franchise network of more than 50 independent regional offices throughout North America. Vanguard® franchised commercial cleaning businesses service over 15,000 businesses, healthcare companies, educational facilities, and non-profit organizations.

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