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Learn about Cleaning for a Better Work Environment

Cleaning for a better work environment reflects an approach designed to reduce the potential for gathering dust and dirt within your work place.

With today’s open work spaces there is more opportunity to accumulate dirt in cubicle systems, break rooms, shared telephones, printers and more. To maintain a better work environment, cleaning methods and products that help contain, capture and remove dust and other allergens from your office spaces can be employed.

With so much time spent at an office, enhanced cleaning methods are not only good for your staff, they may also be good for your businesses’ bottom line. Your independently owned Vanguard® Area Franchise office can help you address how to maintain your facility for the care of your workers.

Cleaning For Your Environment

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Cleaning for a Better Work Environment

Cleaning your facility begins with an assessment of your requirements and the collaborative development of a plan to meet your goals.


Review of your building layout, surface material, human traffic volume, and high touch objects to assess details specific to your facility.


A detailed proposal outlining cleaning plans aligned with the individual requirements of your facility will be reviewed with you to ensure it meets your team’s needs.

Service Options

Your locally owned Vanguard® janitorial franchise business can respond to your service needs, whether they require a standard clean, increased cleaning frequency or special focus on high traffic areas and touch-points.

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