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Healthcare Facility Cleaning

The Challenge of Hiring Cleaners for Medical Practices and Healthcare Facilities

The healthcare industry is facing hiring challenges in a number of key areas, including housekeeping. Read how outsourcing can be of benefit to fill these openings.

School Cleaning

How to Ease the Hiring Headache at Schools

Is your school in California struggling to find qualified professionals to fill certain roles? Learn how outsourcing your cleaning services could help ease the hiring headaches.

Office Cleaning

What Are the Advantages to Outsourcing Your Janitorial Services?

Why might you choose to oursource the commercial cleaning of your building? This article outlines some of the main advantages of outsourcing your janitorial services..

Franchise Business Information

Benefits of Franchising to Help you Grow your California Janitorial Business

Read how franchising can support the growth of your California janitorial services business.

Franchise Business Information

Expand Your Commercial Cleaning Business

If finding a new source for quality, sustainable accounts is a challenge, look to a Vanguard Cleaning Systems® Janitorial Franchise for help.

Tips For A Healthy Office

Office Recycling Tips

Get your office started on an office recycling program. Help the environment, and the community in which your business operates, by implementing these six simple recycling tips.

Franchise Business Information

Franchise Business Opportunities for Entrepreneurs

Should you own a Franchise Business? This article addresses some top questions to help you determine if a franchise business is a right choice for you.

Tips For A Healthy Office

A Healthy Office During Flu Season

A quick office cleaning guide to help aid in a healthy and productive work environment.

Franchise Business Information

Cleaning Franchise Opportunities

Seeking to start a new business? Consider the purchase of a cleaning franchise with the help of an established system. Learn about the janitorial industry.

Office Cleaning

5 Tips to Evaluate Janitorial Services

Watch this video to learn about the 5 areas most important to evaluate janitorial services. Get a free commercial cleaning assessment today.