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School Cleaning

Remove Chewing Gum - Cleaning Tip

Four useful ways to remove chewing gum from the underside of student desks, chairs and lunchroom tables.

Tips For A Healthy Office

Office Cleaning Tip: Remove Carpet Stains

Vanguard Cleaning Systems® monthly office cleaning tip to improve the work environment. This month highlights carpet stain removal.

Health Care Facility Cleaning

How to Pick the Right Healthcare Facility Cleaning Service

Tips to help medical administrators pick the right healthcare facility cleaning service.

Tips For A Healthy Office

Office Cleaning Tip of the Month – Rough the Scuffs.

Vanguard Cleaning Systems® provides a "How To" on office cleaning of floors to remove scuff marks and make your office floors shine.

Tips For A Healthy Office

Are Sick Employees Costing Your Company Money?

ISSA study on employee productivity correlates to commercial cleaning of your office space.

Tips For A Healthy Office

Allergies and the Work Place

Learn some ways to help lessen the likelihood of allergy issues in your office.

Office Cleaning

Top 10 Dirty Areas In An Office

By cleaning the Top 10 Dirty Areas in an office, you can improve the cleanliness of your work environment, and potentially reduce employee downtime.

Green Cleaning

Green Cleaning

From environmentally-friendly cleaning products to the use of microfiber, learn how green cleaning can be beneficial to your business.